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A Dairy Tour with a difference

A Tour of the Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy is a unique and fascinating experience. One of the longest running dairies in the area, the Dennis family begins the tour with a discussion of the way things were done in the 1930s.

You'll be led through the different stages of milking, including the introduction of machine milking in the 1940s with the introduction of electricity and the current high tech LELY Robotic milking system.

A great experience for young and old and everyone in between!

School kids absolutely love the idea of cows milked by robots. We find they are somewhat surprised by the fact the robots aren’t like R2D2 – they are in fact huge! Kids learn so much from a tour of our dairy. We even have Dairy Australia learning resources for the kids.



For those who can remember milk being delivered to their doorstep….

We've found older people absolutely love our tour, because it takes them back through the whole history of dairy farming. We reminisce about the days of the horse and cart, how milk arrived in glass bottles fresh and cold. We go through each development in dairy farming. People are fascinated by our Robotic milking system – and they love seeing how the cows take to it so easily.

It's a great day out in the country – and the Scenic Rim is such a beautiful part of the world.

What will we learn on the tour?

Heaps! We love how kids watch wide eyed as our cows are milked by ‘robots’ and we love how the older generation marvels at how technology has changed. Our farm was founded by Rita and Hal Dennis in 1936…and we have the original milking sheds, as well as 3 others we’ve built since then.

Dairy farming through the ages

A tour of our dairy farm gives you a fantastic snapshot of dairy farming through the generations... from the horse and cart days when cows were milked by hands through Box Bales; machine milking with the introduction of electricity in 1949; introduction of a 6 a side Herringbone in 1972, the 50 platform Rotary and milking 360 cows in 1991; to the current LELY robotic milking system.

A warm country welcome

Our family runs the tours, so you'll receive a warm country welcome and a wealth of information about dairy farming through the ages, including:

  • how we care for our cows, from what they eat to their regular health checks
  • how we look after the fields they graze on
  • how milk used to be produced and distributed by horse and cart!
  • How the LELY robotic milking system works
  • How often the cows are milked and the fact the cows choose when they are milked – 24/7
  • What happens to the milk afterwards – from pasteurisation, bottling to distribution to stores
  • Why our cows love a scratch so much!
  • Plus so much more….

We've never had a tour group where no-one asked a question... and we never tire of answering your questions... so feel free to ask as many as you like!

Our location

Located at Tamrookum, just South of Beaudesert, we're only 1 - 1.5hours from Brisbane (depending where you live) and the same distance from the Gold Coast. An easy day trip!

School groups

The Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy was the first LELY Robotic Dairy to be installed in Queensland. We offer a fantastic experience for school aged children who are learning about where milk comes from and dairy farming in general. Our tours are also popular with High School science and technology students who visit us to learn more about the LELY Robotic Milking system and how this state of the art technology is changing the face of dairy farming.

We also have great Dairy Australia resources for school children.


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Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy and 4Real Milk - Tamrookum (near Beaudesert) - Scenic Rim - Queensland



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