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2014 Scenic Rim Business Excellence Awards

Last night the 2014 Scenic Rim Business Excellence Awards were held in Beaudesert.  What a night!  Thanks Scenic Rim Regional Council for organising another great event.

Scenic Rim 4Real Milk was a finalist for 3 awards
-    Business Innovation
-    Business Marketing
-    Business Person of the Year

Farmer Gregie won the category: Business Person of the Year followed up by Scenic Rim 4Real Milk winning the Platinum Award.

The team at Scenic Rim 4Real Milk works hard to make sure we produce a quality product for our consumers.  Farmer Gregie is constantly sharing his story, on Social Media, Radio, Newspapers, TV, Speaking Engagements and onsite during our dairy farm tours.  The tours to the dairy have been a huge success so a big thanks to Brenda and Rose for their awesome support of Farmer Gregie with the tours.

A highlight of the evening was hearing the stories of local businesses.  The business owners shared their passion for what they are doing and the gratitude they have for their staff, customers and support from organisations like the Scenic Rim Council and Chamber of Commerce.

The meal was fabulous, showcasing local produce and even locally brewed beer available at the bar.

One of the takeaways Farmer Gregie shared was for businesses to put yourself out there, be seen and let your story be heard.

Congratulations Farmer Gregie and the Team at Scenic Rim 4Real Milk!    

More information about the awards on the Council's website:


VIE Marketing wins the top award

VIE Marketing's 'Saving a Farm and Family's Legacy' campaign for Scenic Rim won the award for "New Brand, Product or Service Launch" and then went on to win the "Marketing Program of the Year" at the 2014 AMI Awards for Marketing Excellence.  The awards were held in Sydney in October.

Congratulations Jane and VIE Marketing!

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Dairy Farmer of the Year 2014

Greg Dennis - awarded Dairy Farmer of the year at the ABC Rural and Kondinin Group 2014 Australian Farmer of the Year. 

(photo: Nathan Dyer)

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Beaudesert Times congratulates Dairy Farmer of the Year

Farmer Greg Dennis made front page of the local paper the "Beaudesert Times" after he was awarded Dairy Farmer of the year.

Mr Dennis, who was also a finalist in the awards last year, said he was thrilled with the win.

"It was a bit surreal and quite humbling but at the same time a real thrill," he said.

"It'll definitely give me a stronger platform to be able to keep doing what I do, which is educating people and communicating with people from the cities and towns."

Mr Dennis said he could not have done it without the support of his family on the farm.

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Scenic Rim dairy farmers going strong after branching out on their own

The Dennis family set up Scenic Rim 4 Real Milk last year after negotiations failed with the big milk companies.

The family decided to go it alone and produce, process, bottle and distribute their own milk from Tamrookum near Beaudesert.

Greg Dennis said it took eight months to set up the company and be able in a position to legally sell milk to the consumer.

“I felt quite comfortable with the decision as I felt we were in jeopardy of survival if we stayed where we were,” he said. “Many have tried and failed to do this over time, so we’re keeping it very simple and minimising product lines so it doesn’t have an impact on our processing costs.”

At the farm in Tamrookum, the Dennis family also offers tours to schools and the public to educate them on the dairy industry.

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Dairy Farmer to Sell Own Milk

A Dairy Farmer on Queensland's Scenic Rim, West of the Gold Coast, is taking on the supermarket giants by selling his milk directly to the public. Read full article.


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Dairy Farmer Takes on Goliath

The Dennis family had supplied milk to processors for decades, but became disillusioned when processor Parmalat sought to slash the price it paid them by 25 per cent last year, to a level Dennis said would be unsustainable.

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A Dairy Farmer with Balls

Dairy farmer Greg Dennis hopes that growing demand for fresh, local produce and a consumer backlash against supermarket home brand offerings will help make his bold new business venture a success.

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Milk War Hits Premium End

As both Coles and Woolworths announce major changes in how they source milk that are designed to show they support farmers, there is another quiet revolution under way in the dairy industry as farmers like Mr Dennis strike out on their own.

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Milk War Moves to the Premium End - Australian Financial Review

One Queensland farmer hopes that growing demand for fresh, local produce and a consumer backlash against home brand products will help make his attempt to de-commodify milk a success.

100% Australian Owned, Family Run Dairy

100% Australian Owned, Family Run many of those are left!

Greg Dennis is a 4th generation dairy farmer who owns and runs Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy, in Tamrookum.

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How milk industry became udder disaster

Government intervention is being eyed to save Queensland's dairy industry, which is in free fall after losing another 70 farms since 2011 as major retailers continue a milk pricing war.

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Milk war forces fresh approach

GREG Dennis was left with three options when Parmalat offered him a contract that meant his Scenic Rim dairy farm would lose money for the next two years.

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