Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy on TV

Farmer Gregie on the Project!

"The Project - Channel 10" spent a few days with Farmer Gregie, the segment was aired on Wednesday, December 17 2014. 


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 Pip Courtney from Landline visited Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy, the home of Scenic Rim 4 Real Milk.


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The Today Show - Channel 9

Dairy farmer battles to stay in business:  TODAY reporter Lauren Ellis meets a Queensland dairy farmer who isn't letting the discount price war on milk harm his family business.

Milk Producer Makes a Return to Bottles

Milk at Australia's newest processing plant will return to supermarket shelves in bottles in south-east Queensland.


Greg gets real about dairy

Fourth generation dairy farmer from Beaudesert Greg Dennis is investing $1 million in producing, processing and distributing his own milk.

A Dairy Farmers Last Stand

A dairy producer is risking everything to save his farm from becoming a casualty of the milk-price war.   Read the transcript »