The Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy Story 

The Dennis Family's farm was converted to a Robotic Dairy starting in 2010 - the first step to saving the family farm.  In 2013 the Dennis family made a bold move and started bottling their own milk...  Farm gate fresh, pasteurised only, full cream milk - with the cream on top of course!


This is a story of four generations of the one family who have dedicated their lives to dairy farming.

The Dennis family has lived on our farm
for a combined total of 313 years

Back row - Uncle Ray, Aunty Rose, Trish, Farmer Gregie, Mum (Brenda), Dad (Darrell)

Front - Jack, Jewel

From grandparents Hal and Rita Dennis starting out in the 1930's, each following generation has put their heart and soul into breeding the finest, award winning dairy cows, which in turn produce the freshest, most divine tasting milk.

Scenic Rim 4Real Milk...

Is a story about our family and yours and wanting the best for both.

This is one of the main reasons we decided to go out on our provide the freshest, highest quality milk for you and I! We set up our own milk processor on our farm in 2013 in order to bring you milk under our own label: Scenic Rim 4Real Milk! Our milk lives up to its name - Real Milk: Farm gate fresh, nothing added, Pasteurised Only (unhomogenised), therefore minimally processed and as close as possible to what we produce right here on the dairy. 

Remember when milk was delivered to your doorstep? 

We do!

Back in the 1930's, almost 80 years ago, cows were milked by hand and milk was delivered door to door by a horse and cart. It tasted great too!

A lot has changed since then. Today our 250 plus cows are milked by the very first LELY Robotic Dairy system to be installed in Queensland (2010). We introduced the system because we knew it was less stressful on the cows and it enabled us to increase productivity at a time when the milk wars were resulting in very poor prices for us. It has basically saved our farm.

A few things haven’t changed since the 1930s…

How we care for and nurture our cows and the absolute passion and commitment that goes into producing our milk. See, we know that if we breed the finest dairy cows, we nurture them, feed them properly and do everything possible to ensure they are healthy and happy, the milk our cows produce will be of the highest quality.

What do we believe in?

We believe in the purity and quality of our milk

As fourth generation dairy farmers, we know how to produce milk. Not just any old milk…milk that in quality and taste is as close as possible to the milk that’s come straight from our cows.

We believe in breeding award winning dairy cows.

You can’t produce great milk from cows that haven’t been looked after properly. It’s as simple as that. Our cows are bred and looked after 24/7 like they own the place…which they sort of do!

5 star luxury for cows!

Our cows’ diet is closely monitored and they have plenty of time to just mosey around their fields doing what cows do. Plus, ‘5 star’ accommodation for cows – to protect them from the heat of the day, our cows spend time in their compost barn. We’re always looking for ways to make our cows even more comfortable, so in 2015, we converted the barn to a Compost Barn - when they aren't wandering around the paddocks, they love resting in the barn.

Our cows are healthy and happy, and those in the know agree. Our Holstein dairy cows have won a number of awards and at 36, current owner Greg Dennis was the youngest ever recipient of the Holstein Master Breeder Award in 2006 (for points accumulated by cows bred over a 20 year period – yes, Greg started his breeding program at 16!).

Our Favourite: Tammy

It’s probably not fair to the other cows, but we confess….we have a favourite! Tammy is the award winning Holstein in our logo.


We’re locals and we believe in supporting Australian businesses   

Sadly, a lot of the milk on our shelves is processed by companies owned by foreign multinationals.

We’re proud to say that Scenic Rim 4Real Milk is 100% Australian owned and operated.  All the sales from our milk stay in Australia. We don’t really need to say anything else do we?


We believe in the importance of family

One of the most important things you can do for your family is feed them well; to be fully aware of what you’re putting in to their bodies.

Milk produced from our dairy is about as close as you’ll get to buying it directly from our farm gate. We don’t add anything to it…just natural, pure, great tasting milk….from our family to yours.

We believe in sharing our Dairy with you!

In 2012, we opened our dairy to visitors and started running Dairy Farm Tour Groups. The response has been amazing!

We believe that showing people the love, passion and commitment that goes into producing our milk will lead to a greater understanding of the dairy industry.

We love nothing more than showing groups of visitors around – we’re particularly delighted to welcome school groups. We get such a thrill out of watching the look on kids’ eyes when they see our cows being milked by ‘robots’! We also love showing older people – who grew up getting their milk delivered right to their door (remember?) and telling people about the way technology has changed things.


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Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy - Tamrookum (near Beaudesert) - Scenic Rim - Queensland